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About Us

Petalscart was founded on the idea that by giving gifts to one another, we can enhance our own lives and make the world a better place. We set out to create a platform that would provide a variety of gifts, including tasty cakes, uniquely created flowers only for you, your favorite plants, and other gifts that are ideal for special occasions when you need to show someone how much you care.
We use the art of gifting to create unforgettable occasions for you and those you care about the most, with fresh floral arrangements and bouquets, delightful cakes, gift baskets, personalized gifts, and more. With our exclusive delivery service, we take care of your important moments.
If you’ve just forgotten an important date, someone’s birthday and are looking for gift ideas that are special and perfect for every occasion, we’re here to help.
Use our quick delivery and a large selection of gifts, cakes, and  flower bouquets to celebrate the most important moments –  birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s day , Mother’s Day, some special holiday and other memorable occasions.

From the very beginning, our main and primary goal is for our customers to be satisfied with the services we offer . With your first visit of our site, picking the ideal gift, cake or bouquet and its delivery – we want your experience with us to be flawless.

Today, choose someone special and give them a meaningful, well-made, and delivered on time gift chosen from our shop and bring them joy.
In fact, that is the true meaning of giving and receiving gifts – the feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

Give Your Gifts A Touch of Love, Kindness, And Expression

On our website, you will find the best-quality cakes, flowers, plants, and gifts. The services we provide at the most reasonable costs will impress you. It’s the most delightful place to go for lovely flowers, delicious cakes that are available in different flavours, and personalized bouquets made only for you. They are the best method to make an occasion unforgettable, offer a more meaningful level of contact, and deepen your relationship. It will be adored and cherished by your loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Enjoy the personalized cake and flower bouquet for your special occasion

 If you have your relationships, you have everything. It is said, “Treasure your connections, not your goods.” Giving gifts is one way of making your loved ones feel appreciated and loved. Have you ever received a gift with your name on it or unique flower arrangements designed just for you?  How does it feel to receive personalized gifts? It’s sincere, sentimental, and exceptional. That is why personalized gifts outperform cliched gifts and here we will help you to choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

Choose Petalscart and purchase your favorite flowers, cakes,  plants, and personalized gifts

We are known for our professional, quick, and high-quality services. Customers may feel secure knowing that their order will be delivered very fast. You will get flowers that are fresh and of the highest quality when you order online from our shop. Simply pick your preferred flowers, and we will create the most stunning bouquet.
Beautiful orchids, gorgeous roses, multicolored carnations, or lovely tulips… You make the choice, and we’ll assist you to achieve your goals. Every time you order flowers through our website, premium, fresh flowers will be delivered to the destination of your choice. The same is said for our cakes, which are  made from the highest-quality ingredients. For your special occasions, get the tastiest cake from our shop. Each person’s taste will be satisfied by the huge assortment and various kinds of cakes. Choose a cake that is entirely chocolate-flavored for chocolate lovers. We also care for those who enjoy bitter and fruity flavors; pick a cake with one of the many different flavors, such as pineapple, black forest, red velvet, or blueberry.


    A team of dedicated, hardworking and positive people are responsible for us being professional in our work. We work with a lot of love and dedication and every day we try to be better in our work.
    In our work you always come first and we always make sure that our customers get the services and products they paid for quickly and in the best way. This is evidenced by the huge number of satisfied customers who always return to us to mark their most important dates and moments.
    We aspire to excellence! We aim to be inventive and flexible. We embrace both fresh perspectives and difficulties. While aiming towards a more innovative future, we might find creativity in our routine chores.